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Techno India Group – A new Leader in Education and the Youth of India

For three many years now, the Techno India Group has been a leading identity in the field of education and the children open source antivirus of India. Via humble beginnings in 85, the group has grown becoming a global company, generating tremendous opportunities for the purpose of both young ones and contemporary society. From language schools to entertainment and advertising, the Group has broadened its périmètre to encompass a broad variety of subjects. From its beginnings in education, the Group has achieved global success in all its interests, and is moving forward to achieve milestones at an rapid rate.

The Techno India Group is one of the largest expertise management organizations in Asia, collaborating while using the leading IT giant Hewlett-Packard. Its educational offerings consist of 100 Understanding Campuses, four University Campuses, 22 Architectural Colleges, 12 Business Classes, 18 Community Schools, and two approaching Medical Schools. Further, Techno India Group also boasts a healthcare category and two upcoming Medical Colleges. The group’s academics will be committed to rendering world-class education that prepares students for the purpose of successful occupations.

With a worldwide campus and a modern atmosphere, the Techno India University in Kolkata delivers students with a world-class education. Students at the university will be influenced by various backgrounds and tend to be exposed to a rich number of academic disciplines. Techno India University is a member of the ACM and IEEE, and a specialized leader for Cisco Devices Inc. The innovative programs help students advance their very own careers in a world-class firm. The university’s academic standing speaks for itself.

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